Our story

Our story

In love with Ao Yon

About us

Built in 2018, The Mooring Resort is owned and has been carefully designed by two couples who fell in love in and with Asia 30 years ago. Coming from the high-end luxury travel and hospitality industry, our Franco-British-Vietnamese owners chose Ao Yon bay for its stunning location, the quality of the beach, the very local and peaceful Thai atmosphere and the panoramic ocean views – not only as an investment but also as their home they are now delighted to share with our guests.

Meet our hosts

Thailand is well-known for its welcoming, warm and gentle hospitality. Our hosts at the Mooring are genuinely lovely people, always happy and helpful with a smile. Working in a family type atmosphere, they will make you feel at home, stepping away to leave you privacy or stepping in to take care of the children whenever you need some down time.